For most of his life Marvin McCloud of Scotch-Irish  and Cherokee Indian heritage, has been using his God-given artistic talents to express his appreciation of natures abundant beauty. With over 3,500 designs to his name, Marvin H. McCloud Jr. is the most prolific designer in the world today. Not only does he have the most designs hand carved by one artist, he also has the most versitile collection available on the market, with everything from Totem designs, to Big Game Animals, to his new line of Ice Age Animals. THESE ARE ALL DESIGNED AND CARVED BY HAND! Marvin has worked as a self-taught artist and expresses his love of nature through a variety of different mediums including painting, clock making, designing and casting jewelry, etching on glass, candle making, scrimshaw on mammoth ivory and horns, and taxidermy, just to name a few. Marvin's greatest satisfaction comes from developing his ideas and inspirations into creations which can be enjoyed by others who share his appreciation of nature. With an eye for detail, love of the outdoors, and the ambition to expand himself artistically, Marvin McCloud is sure to keep his customers coming back for more. Marvin is always adding new and exciting items to his repertoire. An added bonus is that he is both the designer and maker of all his products which makes them affordable to everyone. 

We have over 3,500 designs and if you still can't find what you are looking for we also do custom orders and exclusive rights to designs. Contact us for more information.

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